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In this battle, Dude Perfect again launched model rockets. This battle is the second Model Rocket Battle.


Tyler's rocket, the Silver Bullet Version 2, malfunctioned and exploded upon launch.

Cody's rocket, the Missile, peaked 1010 feet.

Coby's rocket, the MOOve Over Rocket, Blew a dirt crater launched 280 mph and peaked 845 feet.

Cory's rocket, the Bumblebee 2.0, peaked 2450 feet and won the battle.

Garrett's rocket, the Purple Hoser Version 2, peaked 2237 feet.


  • This is Cory Cotton's 1st battle win out of his back-to-back-to-back battle wins.
  • Tyler is the second model rocket that didn't launch at all. Although Cody (in the first Model Rocket Battle) did technically catch (according to Garrett), Tyler couldn't catch his here because it literally exploded.