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Dude Perfect Battles
No. Contest Winner Finalists/Podium
1 Paper Airplane Cody Cody, Extra*, Cory
2 Go Kart Panda Panda, Cody, Cory
3 Bubble Wrap Tyler Tyler, Garrett, Coby
4 Shark Fishing Tyler Tyler, Cory, Cody
5 Dizzy Sports Cody Cody, Coby
6 iPhone Game Cory Cory, Tyler
7 All Sports Golf Garrett Garrett, Tyler
8 Dizzy Sports 2 Tyler Tyler, Coby
9 RC Cody Cody, Garrett, Tyler
10 Nerf Blasters Tyler Tyler, Garrett
11 Plastic Golf Club Tyler Tyler, Coby
12 Slip and Slide Football Cody Cody, Tyler, Coby
13 Bubble Gum Blowing Tyler Tyler, Cody
14 Snow Sports Tyler Tyler, Cory, Garrett
16 Mountain Top Snow Tyler Tyler, Cody, Garrett
17 Giant Basketball Arcade Tyler Tyler, Coby, Garrett
19 Lawnmower Racing Garrett Garrett, Coby, Cody
20 Drone Racing Tyler Tyler, Garrett, Extra*
22 Endless Ducker Cory Cory, Coby, Tyler
24 Metal Detector Cody Cody, Tyler, Coby
26 Drone Hunting Tie between Tyler and Cory Tyler, Cory
27 Extreme Weather Golf Cory Cory, Tyler
28 Virtual Reality Tyler Tyler, Cody, Coby
30 Giant Sumo Coby Coby, Garrett
31 Stunt Driving Garrett Garret, Tyler, Cody
32 Nerf Slip and Slide Tyler Tyler, Cody
33 Build A Boat Cory Cory, Coby, Cody
34 Freeze Frame Football Cody Cody, Tyler
35 All Sports Golf 2 Tyler Tyler, Cody
36 Model Rocket Garrett Garrett, Tyler, Cory
37 Deep Sea Fishing Tyler Tyler, Cody
38 Giant Darts Garrett Garrett, Coby, Tyler
40 Dirt Bike Tyler Tyler, Coby, Garrett
41 All Sports Golf 3 Garrett Garrett, Cody, Tyler
42 Nerf Blasters Floating Island Cody Cody, Tyler
43 High Speed Sports Tyler Tyler, Coby, Cody
44 Airsoft Battle Royale Cody Cody, Garrett
45 Model Rocket 2 Cory Cory, Garrett
46 Nerf Fortnite Blasters Cory Cory, Coby, Cody
47 All Sports Baseball Cory Cory, Coby, Garrett
48 Metal Detector 2 Cody Cody, Cory, Tyler
49 RC Airplane Coby Coby, Tyler
50 Bass Fishing Tyler Tyler, Garrett
52 Backyard Games Tyler Tyler, Coby
53 All Sports Bowling Garrett Garrett, Coby
Dude Perfect Team Battles
15 Archery Kart Coby and Cory Coby, Cory, Tyler, Garrett
18 Giant Pictionary Tyler and Garrett Tyler, Garrett, Coby, Cory
23 Trampoline Charades Cody and Garrett Cody, Garrett, Tyler, Cory
25 Giant Warship Tyler, Garrett, Panda Tyler, Garrett, Panda, Cody, Coby, Cory
29 DP vs Power Rangers Dude Perfect Dude Perfect, Power Rangers
39 Go Kart Soccer Tyler, Coby, Cory Tyler, Coby, Cory, Cody, Garrett, Panda
51 Helicopter Battleship Tyler, Cody Tyler, Cody, Coby, Cory
54 Coby, Coby, Extra*, Cory, Garrett, Tyler
Win Record: 16.5 (Tyler), Win Record (By Team): 3 (Garrett, Tyler)
* Indicates guest competitor (Paper Airplane Battle: Luke Conard), (Drone Racing Battle: Liam Hemsworth), (Airsoft Battle Royale: Sparky)

Dude Perfect Face-Offs
No. Contest Winner Score Loser Commentator(s)
1 Ping Pong Coby 20 – 17 Cory Tyler
2 Golf Cody -3 – E Garrett Tyler
3 Hockey Shootout Garrett 2 – 1 Coby Cody
4 Darts Cody 3 – 0 Cory Tyler
5 Football Coby 10 – 9 Cody Tyler
6 Super Smash Bros (3DS) Coby 2 – 0 Cory Tyler
7 The Most Dangerous Game Toby 2 – 0 Tyler Coby & Cory
8 Field Goal Kicking Garrett 4 – 1 Coby Tyler
9 Roller Skating Tennis Coby 2 – 1 Garrett Tyler
10 Football Skills Cody 2 – 1 Garrett Tyler
11 Battlebots Garrett 7 – 1 Coby Cody
12 Turkey Bowling Garrett 27 – 21 Tyler Coby
13 Hockey Skills Tim 2 – 1 Tyler Cory
14 Office Golf Cody 840 – 50 Cory Tyler
15 Gingerbread House Tyler and Cody 1 – 0 Coby and Cory Garrett
16 Home Run Derby Garrett 6 – 5 Cory Tyler
17 Basketball Shootout Coby 17 – 15 Cory Tyler
18 Golf: Rahm & Bryan John Rahm 2 – 4 Tyler and Garrett Wesley Bryan
19 Go Kart Soccer Tyler and Garrett 3 – 2 Coby and Cody Cory
20 Sumo Soccer Tyler 2 – 1 Garrett Cody
21 What's In The Box Coby 36 – 31 Cory Garrett
Win Record: 6 (Coby), Win Record (By Team): 2 (Tyler), Loss Record: 7 (Cory), Most Losses (By Team): 2 (Coby)

Most Announces: 11 (Tyler), Most Announces (Teams): 1 (Garrett & Cory)

Games With Consequences
No. Game Winner Score Loser Commentator(s) Sideline Reporter
1 Dunk Tank FIFA Cory 5 - 4 Coby Tyler & Garrett Cody
Win Record 1 (Cory), Loss Record 1 (Coby), Most Commentators 1 (Tyler, Garrett), Most Sideline Reporters: 1 (Cody)

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